WHITERAVEN- Bridal Collection

Welcome to our bridal gowns collection

Here you can have a look at the models we have to offer and estimated prices. 

a few important things:

-Our gowns are all custom made, to your size, and they are for sale (not rentals).

-It is possible to make alterations in the models you see, based on the original design (to see examples please visit "our brides" section- https://www.cmnrvn.com/pages/our-brides

-The prices stated here are before we make alterations and so might change according to the final design of the dress. 

-To start this process and try on the dresses please contact us at our studio 03-7741058 or through our facebook account: cmnrvn. We will be happy to set up an appointment ans answer all you questions. 

-If you live abroad and wish to order a model, we can also make it according to sizes you send us. Please contact us as well through e-mail: info@cmnrvn.com, or through our facebook page. 


CommonRaven Studio